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The Perfect Albums for Any Situation

If you have ever been looking for the perfect soundtrack for your life, look no further.

If you’re a functioning human being, you’ve watched a movie with a soundtrack. The soundtrack is an integral part to the movie, setting the mood, supplementing the story as whole. More often than not, the soundtrack is the best part of the movie. As the esteemed poet Lil Wayne remarked, “Life is like a movie and I do my own stunts.” The important part of that quote is that life is like a movie, and life needs the best soundtrack. Your life has different plots and scenes and need different soundtracks for these distinct scenarios. So here are the best albums for every scene of your that Oscar-nominated movie about your life.

When you’re sitting on the beach with someone you love

Surf – Surfaces

The way in which this album will make you feel can be described as butterflies flying around inside of your heart on a warm, summer night. The trio from Texas debut album incorporates R&B and electronic influences to create a soothing, calypso sounding project that puts you at ease. It’s easy to get lost in the smooth voices of vocalists Forrest Frank and Alexa Padalecki and the loving lyrics written by Frank and Colin Padalecki. If you close your eyes whilst listening to this album, you can almost hear the waves slowly crashing against your heart has Padalecki and Frank serenade you with devotional ballads of falling in love and staying together. It’s like if that feeling of the one teenage summer love that you had is encapsulated in this album.


When you’re driving alone and need to reminisce

Boo Boo – Toro y Moi

Chaz Bear aka Toro y Moi struck gold with his magnum opus of Boo Boo and found a way to bring your mind and soul back to a previous time in your life. The funk and electronic rhythms that he lays his calming vocals over trigger nostalgic feelings in your body. The album does a perfect job of slowing you do, calming your mood, and allowing you to take a step back and look at what your life is. His old style and employment of 80s style synth beats does an impeccable job of sending your mind back to a simpler time for some sublime introspection.


You’re in a blues bar in New Orleans

Coming Home – Leon Bridges

Seems like a pretty specific situation, but trust me, it’s totally feasible I swear. Leon Bridges has captured a 60s Blues aesthetic that hasn’t been seen since…well, the 60s. He wails about 20th Century New Orleans like he experienced his adulthood during then and wants you to to understand and feel every detail of the time period. His charisma that he brings to the music makes it seem like he’s got a full jazz band behind him at all times. The emotion and soul that he delivers each track gives it the genuine blues feel that you are unlike any from this time.


You’re lying in a field watching the clouds go by

Feel Good – The Internet

This classic The Internet album has all the makings of a soothing, time wasting piece of work. It employs the soothing, semi-sultry voice of the song siren Syd. In this early phase of her career, she found a way to make her voice dreamlike to the point where you don’t realize how long you’ve been listening to her. The all-encompassing band that goes with Syd jams out and makes you forget about the responsibilities that are on your plate. This group was a far departure from Odd Future’s other music, as it allowed you to zone out and just be in your own world, which is the perfect mindset to be in while lying in a field.


When you’re eating noodles on a Saturday night in the dark, all the way in your feels

Into – Sonder

The new wave R&B group Sonder spearheaded by DMV songbird Brent Faiyaz has figured out how to use his voice to put your feelings. He croons a certain way to elicit emotions that not only convince you that going out is pointless, but love is pointless and hurts. It puts you in a head space that makes you want to crack open a bottle of wine and cry while watching “The Bachelor”. This coupled with the pounding beats produced by Atu and Dpat, this album seduces you into not leaving the house and popping open a ramen Cup of Noodles. Honestly, it’s okay if it does. This album is good enough where you could put it on repeat the entire night and it’ll keep you comfort throughout your emotional episode.


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