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A little tease from 2 Chainz never hurt nobody.

At NC Views, we’re pretty partial to 2 Chainz. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s one of the pioneers of the Atlanta trap genre that we’ve all grown so fond of. Maybe it’s his consistent production of bangers filled with vulgar yet brilliant lyrics. Maybe it’s just his signature “2 Chaiiiiinnnzzz” tagline. Either way, this 4-song EP was a very pleasant surprise.

The opener, “OK BITCH,” does not disappoint. Featuring a typical trap beat (with Nintendo ad-libs?), the braggadocios cut shows exactly why 2 Chainz has his high-status position in Atlanta. Just take this quote from the second verse:

“Yeah, Versace for the weekend

The devil wear Prada, I’m a demon

A heathen, I gave the meat to vegans

The last time I hit the Gucci store, I had to sneak in

I’ma need a girl tonight, I need someone to sleep in”

I don’t – like, how – every line is just – there’s no words. Bars like this are a rare sighting on the trap landscape.

Next up is “PROUD,” a cross-country collab featuring some quality verses from YG and Offset. Each rapper describes their relationship with their respective mothers, growing up with nothing, only to grow up far more successful than they could imagine. Things slow down again with the slightly eerie “LAND OF THE FREAKS,” which continues the expert lyricism of the EP. The finale, “LAMBORGHINI TRUCK (ATLANTA SHIT),” is up there with Young Thug’s “You Said” in terms of showing how versatile trap can be. In between the 41 times he says, “Lamborghini Truck,” the song actually serves as soulful tribute to the city that’s given him everything.

My biggest issue with the whole thing is that there’s enough of it. I found myself laughing out loud at his lyrics on multiple occasions. The beats are on point, the flow is beautiful, and each song actually has meaningful content. Stay on the look out for 2 Chainz in 2018.

Snapshot Rating: Considering the project’s only 16 minutes long, definitely put aside the time to listen to it. Small risk, big reward.


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