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The Rise of Daelight

The era of Daelight has arrived. 

Recently, a new artist has popped into the Soundcloud sphere. Daelight, also known as Ayende Watson, has emerged with two debut tracks within the last month. This Baltimore-based artist showed exciting potential with the tracks “Like McGrady”, an homage to one of the greatest two-guards in NBA history, and “Stranger Things”, an aggressive, pounding track that announced his arrival.

Watson displays a bouncy and energetic flow that fits nicely over an production. His wordplay shows a clever, somewhat comical mind behind his lyrics. I expect the lyrical dexterity to grow the more he gets into his craft. His style is raw and shows the potential to grow into a more refined, complete substance with more attempts and releases. I’m excited to follow the rest of his work, as he displays a hungriness that seems genuine and legitimate. Be on the lookout for more releases from Daelight, as he is one local artist you should be willing to get behind.

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