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The Best Playlists I Have On Spotify

Hopefully y’all find a new playlist you like.

There is something about a good playlist that really is paramount to your listening experience. Anybody can find albums that have the perfect connection of songs that go together made by someone else. There is something special about being able to find a selection of songs that fit together perfectly, almost as though you’re curating your own project. It’s something that you want to be proud of and be able to share, or be able to enjoy on your own.

Often in my spare time, I make these spiraling collection of songs that I can loosely call playlists. They can range from hundreds of songs, spanning multiple hours in length, or quick 20-30 songs collections used to get you through a short activity. I decided to share them with you all just in case anyone needed a new playlist, because I know I always do. I hope at least one person can enjoy something I put out here, because that’s all that matters.

Caucasian Culture

This is probably one of my favorite playlists of all time, strictly because of the specific sense of nostalgia that it elicits. For 3 years of my childhood, every weekend at Dranesville Bowl America in Sterling, Virginia, I would hear the same set of songs that I can only describe as 80s pop rock. Unable to know the names of the songs, these melodies haunted my memory, as I was only able to hum the tune and nothing more. But with the rediscovery of one of the greatest songs of all time, “Come on Eileen”, I went to a rabbit hole that allowed me to rediscover a treasure trove of music that eluded my memory for years. This playlist, appropriately named Caucasian Culture, is the quintessential mix of 80s songs that when played at a PWI house party elicits reactions like “This is a banger!” or “I TOTALLY remember this song!” The thing is, everyone can enjoy this playlist, because this was a really fun genre of music.


Study Jazz

The study jazz playlist was born out of an idea for my dear friend Katerina Misa. While surfing through Spotify myself, I noticed her listening to a Relaxing Piano playlist. I found it interesting, but I thought that the idea was sort of a little boring. Consequently, I whipped up a Study Jazz playlist for her, made up of sprawling tracks from legendary jazz artists like Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, and Ahmad Jamal. The songs are meant to relax your mind and soothe you as you work. I think of it as tricking your mind into believing that you’re not actually studying. The playlist comes in at about 2 hours and 45 minutes, so it should last long enough to where you shouldn’t repeat the same song during a good sized study session.


Closing Time

This playlist most closely resembles that low-fi hip hop stream that you would find on Youtube with the stream of the girl sitting in her room studying. You know, the one that everyone uses. This seemingly indescribable genre of music is perfect for late-night studying, or late-night reading. This playlist features an eclectic mix of artists that all combine to make a playlist that can double for soundtrack of an cult classic anime film. I would suggest checking this one out if you are looking for something you may not have heard before.


Oy Bruv

One of my favorite subsections of rap is British Grime rap. It represents a genuine genre of rap has a sort of aggressive feel to it. However, the good artists are able to draw from other influences to create a new sound that combines different elements. Most grime artists draw from African or West Indian influences to add their own flavor to the genre. Exciting artists from this style are the legendary Skepta, Stormzy, J Hus, and Dave. This playlist showcases some of my favorite stuff them, as well as lesser known artists.


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