Music reviews

Pusha T releases his new album “Daytona”

Pusha T reminds everyone of his ability to kill a beat.

There’s something about being from Virginia Beach and being above the age of 40 that makes you a musical genius. Just like his counterpart Pharrell, Pusha T makes it perfectly clear that he ages like fine wine. He put the rap game on notice last night, dropping his latest piece of work, Daytona.

Pusha T’s latest studio album comes with a full production effort from the Kanye West, who has recently decided to tweet and say whatever dumb thought popped into his head. With Kanye’s recent controversial actions, came with maybe some of the best production work that he’s brought since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He returned to the production style that he employed on some of his early works like Graduation, using old soul samples that allow Pusha T spit some of his best bars over.

Even while being 41, Pusha T makes it apparent on Daytona that he is not here to mess around, and that he is also still very good at selling drugs. The album is missing the usual “fat” that comes with modern works. It’s masterful in the sense that it does not waste any time. The running time for Daytona is only 21 minutes, with only 7 songs for the listener to enjoy. In the land of social media, the attention span of the current music listener is so short that often spiraling, long-winded albums have. Pusha T gets to the point and puts the spotlight on his bars.

This is truly Pusha T’s best solo work. He placed his grimy, coke-flow style over some of Kanye’s best beats. HIs lyrical acumen that has solidified his presence in rap for over 20 years is showcased on this album. In the final track of the album, “Infrared”, the Virginia Beach native lays this bar that was meant to remind the rap community of his rightful place: “Believe in myself and the Coles and Kendricks / Let the sock puppets play in their roles and gimmicks, shit”. This album serves as a reminder that Pusha T is one of the best rappers in the game and that he will not be forgotten.

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