Rae Sremmurd blasts off with “SR3MM”

The Mississippi duo puts their name back into the spotlight.

Rae Sremmurd have always been the duo known for delivering electric, high-energy hits that announced their presence in the rap game. Everyone knows them for hits like “Black Beatles” and “Swang”; however, that has led them to be pigeon-holed by the music community. They are only viewed as a party-rap, one-dimensional pairing that can only deliver one type of song. This triple album, SR3MM, serves to reintroduce the Mississippi duo of brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi, while also establishing them as legitimate solo artists.

The first disc is the traditional album featuring the duo in the form of Rae Sremmurd. It is excellently produced, with Ear Drummer records founder Mike WiLL Made-It executively producing the entire album. The production highlights from SR3MM are “Perplexing Pegasus”, a haunting beat that expertly makes the snare the dominant sound of the song, and “CLOSE”, which calls upon pounding bass to resonate with the listener.

On SR3MM, we see the formula that the electric duo as employed for the past 5 years executed to perfection, a double dosage of Swae Lee delivering a verse and than an immaculate chorus combined with a Slim Jxmmi verse that often contrasts with Lee’s smooth voice to create a yin-yang balance that works to perfection. On each track of SR3MM, Rae Sremmurd gives you glimpse into the exorbitant, superstar, rockstar life that they live. They showcase the euphoria that comes with the famous life that they live. SR3MM serves a celebration of the successful life that they live. The first part of this triple album is a welcomed glorification of being young, black, and successful. It was very feature heavy, calling on music superstars to help create a multi-layered party feel.

The second of portion of the album is a complete departure from the party-rap vibe that was SR3MMSwaecation serves as Swae Lee’s opportunity to delve deeper into the melodic talent that he has become. Where SR3MM was more like sticking to the script that made the duo famous, Swaecation was a more in-depth look into the talents that the crooner of the duo has. The subject matter of this portion was unlike what we had seen before with Rae Sremmurd, with Swae Lee filling the role that he had built for himself on multiple features: the heartthrob/lover. He sings about escaping and finding love at exotic locales. His elegant vocals fit perfectly, capturing the ability that he showcased on the French Montana hit “Unforgettable”. For me, he has earned the new nickname, Swaeyoncé, which should tell you all that you need to know about the regard that I hold his abilities in.

With Swaecation is more like a mix of dance-hall, R&B, summer vibe album, Jxmtro is establishes Slim Jxmmi with more focused hip hop/rap album. Jxmmi is known as the more reserved, quieter member of the duo. Here, during his time to shine, he showcases his ability to weave rhymes together in a way that often goes unnoticed. His relaxed, fluid lyricism is set behind an interesting subject matter, being himself while not trying to sell himself as a character. He is celebrating his lifestyle in a way that is not so much braggadocious, but truthful. His casual delivery style highlights his comfort with his ability. He’s not trying to do much, and he sufficiently introduces himself to the rest of the rap community.

There are a couple important takeaways from this triple album: the duo is much more powerful as a unit as SR3MM was the strongest portion, and both Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi have boatloads of talent. Their talent as individuals lends them the ability to break off and continue to do individual pieces of works and features, allowing them to hold their own. This also means that the brotherly duo are extremely powerful as a whole. This reintroduction of the duo was an eye-opener that forces you to take the brothers seriously.

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