Baltimore-based Bobby Woody arrives with “Cartoons Are For Kids”

Check out dope Baltimore-based artist Bobby Woody’s debut mixtape.

Baltimore, Maryland is home to a bevy of talent. It is a city full of emotional, real, and sincere stories that are expertly shared through music. It’s always special when an artist is able to showcase their talent and share legitimate experiences with their art. Last month, Bobby Woody dropped his debut mixtape, Cartoons Are For Kids. My good friend Kwame Alston put me onto this, and I’m glad he did.

My favorite thing about Bobby Woody is that when you look at the album description, he wrote, produced, and mixed everything. When someone takes control of their own creative process to produce a sound that is unique to them, it gives it a sincere, personal feeling.

It makes it even better when the production style is not monolithic and boring. Woody employs a wide range of instruments and styles, ranging from melodic rhythms to trap beats. It’s a unique range of production that captures the attention of the listener. On “Phoebe”, a love story to a young crush, there is a distinct melody carried by trumpets, a piano, and even a glockenspiel. While on “Thirteen”, a more traditional trap anthem, there is heavy bass and synth influence. Production wise, Bobby Woody never falls into a monotonous rut.

When heard the opener to Cartoons Are For Kids, “Crayon Song”, I was instantly reminded of the best era of Chance the Rapper, the Acid Rap days. That is a distinct complement in my book. Woody captured a uniquely positive sound whilst also showcasing a lyrical ability that impresses throughout the project. He tackles the subjects of young love, interacting with the police as a young black person, and trying to grow up and make something of yourself. He does this without coming across as boring or immature, a talent that is often overlooked in rappers. Woody also showcases the ability to integrate wit into his lyrical ability with clever wordplay. He seamlessly goes from bar to bar with the skill of levity and dexterity that should be commended.

If you’re looking for a local Baltimore artist that is for real, look no further than Bobby Woody. He has exhibited to create relatable, realistic music. It’s not difficult to get behind him and view him as likable. Look out for him to continue to showcase a real talent and drive to succeed. Check out Cartoons Are For Kids below and listen for yourself.


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