DIY artist Clairo releases her EP “diary 001”

Clairo brings her bedroom pop style to the forefront.

One of the best young artists recently added to her already impressive collection.  Clairo, based out of Massachusetts, has created a comfortable sound all from her bedroom. Her self-made, homegrown work has resonated with many on social media. After the song, “Pretty Girl,” went viral not only for it’s actual sound and talent, but for Clairo’s charm, fans attached to her low-fi bedroom vibe.

With the release of diary 001, she rides the wave of vitality that “Pretty Girl” created. The EP is only made up of 6 songs, but she quickly draws in the listener with the same charm and feeling that she has become known for.

It’s a fitting response to the popularity that she gained from her early work. She doesn’t sell out or switch her style. The listener gets the same relaxing, almost trance-like feeling that they first heard with Clairo. As she croons about relationships and interactions with significant others, the subdued, pop production doesn’t overpower her, but highlights her voice.

Check out Clairo’s EP and definitely be on the lookout for more of her work.


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