Pusha T escalates his beef with Drake with “The Story of Adidon”

Drake should have went for the head.

Let’s be totally honest at this point. Pusha T brought this beef to a whole new level and is crushing Drake. Yesterday, after biding his time through two Drake diss tracks, the Virginia native released “The Story of Adidon.” He made it abundantly clear that this beef was going to be personal and ruthless from his side.

Usually when Drake enters a beef with another rapper, he uses memes and jokes in rap form to cater to the social media generation and to subsequently “meme” his opponent into submission. It worked with Meek Mill. However, Drake is dealing with a totally different force in the form of Pusha T. He’s not one of these newer rappers: he is a hardened veteran of the rap game, and is well-versed in how to handle rap beefs accordingly. As someone who has been rapping since the 90’s an era where people sparred over beats like it was World War II, Pusha T went for Drake’s neck, much like Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline”, or 2Pac’s “Hit em Up.”

The first installments off this beef were typical of this decade’s beef. Pusha T rehashed a common insult hurled towards Drake on his album closing song “Infrared,” that he consistently uses a ghostwriter for his work and known of his success is of his own. Drake obviously took offense to it, firing back with “Duppy Freestyle,” in which he questions Pusha T’s financial stability and his criminal past. After Drake’s retort, Pusha T waited and waited, apparently doing investigative journalism in that time come back with more personal attacks.

I’m serious. Pusha T must double as a private investigator because his response to Drake’s diss track, “The Story of Adidon”, brought some things to light that could merit a celebrity scandal. It was unlike any modern rap diss track heard this decade.

First of all, the cover for the track is a picture of Drake in blackface wearing a Jim Crow t-shirt and matching sweatshirt. I had so many questions, like WHY IS DRAKE IN BLACKFACE, when was this taken, who signed off on this, was he paid for this, and who thought this was a good idea. Pusha T swears that the picture is real as well. It’s probably the most damning piece of photojournalism ever. It’s jarring and off-putting to look at. Somehow, the picture pales in comparison to the song itself.


On “The Story of Adidon,” Pusha T targets issues that aren’t usually aired out with Drake. He harps on Drake’s paternity issues and his character. He brings up his baby mama, Sophie Brussaux, who is an adult film actress, and how he refuses to claim her or the son that he had with her. He alleges that Drake basically keeps the child hidden like he’s living under the staircase in the Dudley household. Pusha T describes him as a “Deadbeat ass dad”, all while disparaging Drake’s own father, Dennis Graham, for being exactly the same way. He then goes on to suggest that his father leaving at age 5 is the reason for Drake’s own paternity issues. On top of this bombshell, Pusha T accuses Drake of hating himself for being biracial, having issues with his blackness throughout his entire career. This puts even more emphasis on the picture of Drake in blackface, and makes the fact that the song is over “The Story of OJ” beat, a song about race trading and race betrayal, even more pertinent. AND ON TOP OF THIS, Pusha T went after Drake’s career-long producer, Noah “40” Shebib, for suffering from multiple sclerosis, mocking him in a specifically morbid way.

I’m at a loss for words for what Drake can do. Pusha T came at him with basically the most disrespectful song in the past 10 years. Drake’s game is not the ruthlessness and cruelty that Pusha T displayed on this track. Drake is in a position he has never been in before, the losing side. I would be surprised if Drake even gets close to topping his insults, so it’ll be very interesting to see how he responds.

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