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Tierra Whack leaves everyone wanting more with “Whack World”

Tierra Whack is ready to leave her mark on the rap game. I hope the rest of you all are prepared.

In a time where people are having arguments about the perfect album length, Tierra Whack blatantly ignores the previous constructs of an album with her debut album, Whack World. It is a “visual auditory project,” and it is 15 tracks long, with each track lasting only a minute. Take that 23-minute long Kanye album.

This is an album that you do not want to miss out on. Realistically, there is no reason that you should not check it out. Like I said before, the album is only 15 minutes long. When I first listened to it, I was confused as to why each track was so short because I was not paying attention. I thought this was going to be a project that I could check out and just have in the background However, because each track is so short, the Philadelphia native forces you to focus on each track because it is over as soon as you realize it had started. What is amazing is that each track is developed enough to where it does not seem rushed. I ended up wishing that every song was longer because I instantly fell in love with each track. She found a way to do exactly enough in so little of a space.

Whack, who got into rap after he parents pushed her to back her spoken word with production, honed her skills in Philadelphia’s heralded cypher environment. She has garnered high praise from artists like Meek Mill and A$AP Rocky, with Rocky even saying that she has “that Kendrick flow.” From her previous singles, “Child Please” and “Shit Happens,” her talent for lyricism and dexterity was placed in the forefront. She has an infectious flow built for hit-making. Her sound and actual rap skills have the ability to eventually place her in the upper echelon off rap.

Tierra Whack also released a trippy, imaginative video with the song “Mumbo Jumbo” in 2017.

What makes the project special is the combination of the visual and the auditory aspects. Each track comes with a vignette that adds a new dimension to the project. The whole album acts like a short film, following Tierra Whack through a night. Each scene is an artistic masterpiece of color, constantly playing with the concept of dark and light. “Black Nails” and “Bugs Life” are backdropped by an in-your-face bubblegum pink with Whack in the middle of it all with her black hoodie. In “4 Wings” and “Hookers,” Whack is stationed in distinct blue and purple tinted scenes, dressed in a silver jacket and a white fur coat, respectively. The scenes themselves are unique, with Whack appearing in a trailer home, a pet cemetery, a white, purgatory-like room with red balloons, and a chicken joint. The weirdness of it all is part of the allure, as the viewer is drawn instantly to each video by wonder and curiosity.

The musical aspect is dazzling as well. Keep in mind, each track is only 1 minute long, so there is no time to mess around. Whack takes full advantage of her sixty seconds, hopping into a number of mesmerizing hooks that plants into the listener’s brain instantly. She lures the listener in with the catchy choruses, and then seals the deal with her already established rapping ability. One of my personal favorites are “Cable Guy,” which incorporates this hook:

“It goes like ABC (all boys cry)
MTV (men touch vaginas)
BET (bitches eat tacos)”

It took me longer than I would like to admit that it included cable companies, but that is besides the point. The hook stays with you due to her melodic voice and the whistling production in the background. Another favorite is “Hookers,” on which again Whack demonstrates her singing chops. It is one of the best produced songs on the album as well, with a groovy, funk-esque sound that is the perfect back-up for her vocals.

Tierra Whack is an artist that you should pay attention to. The combination of the creativity of the video and the unmitigated gall to make each track 1-minute should draw you in. What makes you stay is what she does in each of those minutes. She displays a skill and swag that captivates a listener. It should propel her forward as she continues to dabble in other areas and expand her artistic vision. I will be paying attention to every move, I suggest that you do as well.

Check out the visual album below.


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