Teams you should latch onto for the 2018 World Cup

Quick rundown of teams that you should definitely root for in the next few weeks.

With the 2018 World Cup starting, you don’t want to be left without a team. Sadly, a lot of us are, with our respective countries not making the world’s greatest tournament (looking at you USMNT). Since the majority of us are probably master procrastinators, we still haven’t decided which team to root for you. If this applies to you, fear not. Here is the list of teams whose bandwagon you should jump onto before its too late.


This team is one of the most exciting teams in the entire tournament, with a plethora of young stars at their disposal. Paul Pogba, Ousmane Dembele, Kylian Mbappe, and Antoine Griezmann are among the most talented individuals in the world. They have the potential to put up 3 goals a game, but also have the tendency to take chances leaving them open to counter attack. Their exciting style of play will steal hearts and dazzle fans. It also doesn’t hurt that the team is the living example of #BlackExcellence.


Unless you are from Egypt, there is only one reason to root for the Pharaohs: Mohamed Salah. He became a transcendent, world famous star with an amazing nose for goal, as he led the Premier League in goals this season with 32. He went down with a rather gruesome injury in the Champions League Final, but promised to make his way back for the World Cup. If that does not give you something to cheer for, you do not have a soul.


Everyone loves a good underdog story, right? Peru had not qualified for the tournament since 1982, so there fans have been waiting for this moment with baited breath. The Incas will be looking to bring their country to the knockout round for the first time ever. Also, their star player was previously suspended after testing positive for cocaine, so there is that.


  I mean, look at this. It is a piece of art.

I mean, look at this. It is a piece of art.

With quite possibly the best kits in the history of the World Cup, the Nigerian national team is just dripping with swagger. Their kits sold out almost immediately after they were announced. On top of that, the team is ultra talented, layered with a lot of players that have experience in multiple competitive leagues across Europe. The team has the potential to go along way based on talent alone, but what should really attract you is the kits because my goodness.


As the only North American team to represent in the World Cup, there is sort of a feeling of might as well. El Tri has always been consistent, but has never broken through past the round of 16. However, this might be the year that they do it. So now would be as good as time as ever to root for our neighbors to the south.


Messi is in the running for greatest player to ever grace the sport of football. I will die on that hill. However, he has never been able to lead his country to the football final frontier of greatness. At best, he lost in extra time for Germany. He has grown tired of the failure that he has experienced on the team, threatening to retire from international play if they fail to win the World Cup in Russia. If you want to continue to see Messi tear up the international competition in his prime, it would serve you to root for Argentina.

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