The NL Cannot Adopt the Designated Hitter

Why would we want to rob ourselves of footage of Bartolo Colon hitting?

It is honestly absurd to say that the DH should go away. Sure, it may help prevent pitcher injuries. Sure, it may create more offense, thus making baseball more appealing to the casual fan. However, it takes away part of the game.

 Mondays, am I right? Mondays, am I right?

From an entertainment standpoint, it diminishes the game. We would lose the beautiful sight of seeing Bartolo Colon swing himself out of his helmet. The entire pitching community united around the hashtag #PitchersWhoRake which celebrated pitchers who had hits. We can’t take it away. Seeing American League pitchers stride to the plate and take huge cuts when they have the chance is beautiful. Not to mention when Trevor Bauer spent a game imitating his teammates batting stances. It is fun, let baseball be fun.

While there may be no solution to pitchers being injured, their performance can be improved. It won’t have to be just Madison Bumgarner and Jake Arrieta hitting well. Other pitchers can do it too. Many of them are drafted or signed with the ability to be a decent hitter. However, they lose these skills along the way.

They lose them in the minor leagues. Rookie and A ball both use the DH, so pitchers aren’t hitting against other professional hitters. So, when they reach AA and National League affiliate pitchers must hit, they’ve lost all their skills. They probably just spent a year not hitting, and to expect them to suddenly have developed their hitting skills is absurd. So, requiring pitchers to hit through the minor leagues is a simple change that will have pitchers develop their hitting and hit better in the MLB.

So, there’s a way to fix one of the problems with having pitchers hit. So, since National League are generally in favor of keeping it this way, make this change. Solve the issue of the pitchers’ lack of performance at the plate, by starting at the minor league level. Keep #PitchersWhoRake alive and keep the fun of pitchers hitting alive.

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