‘Desus and Mero’ close out the #1 Show in Late Night With a Night Full of Memories


In an almost prophetical nature, the deservingly self-nicknamed “#1 Show in Late Night” rounded out their final show with a legendary guest. They had “the Sports Pope,” Mike Francesa on for their series finale, and it was every bit of entertaining as you would assume it was. Some would think that the stature and demeanor of Francesa, who for over 20 years spent his days ranting at his own listeners and destroying them into silence with his sports knowledge and intensity, would be too much for the good-natured and relaxed hosts. But Francesa was right home with the Bronx natives, as he was unable to contain his laughter for his full 26 minute interview. Somehow, “the Pope” didn’t seem out of place among the giant taxidermied grizzly bear named Juice Box, who wears a Yankee fitted, and the graffitied table that every guest dons with their John Hancock.

A guest never felt out of place on Desus & Mero. It is because for over 2 years, Monday through Thursday, the Bodega Boys showed up on Viceland to be themselves. Their infectious personalities and ability to make the audience and the guest feel at home on the show was a part of their success. From their time on Complex sitting on milk crates, to Joking Off on MTV2, to their 293 episode run on Viceland, they have stayed true to themselves to carve out their own path. It has worked to perfection, as the Bodega Boys will move onto bigger and better things with a new weekly Showtime slot next year.

Before they had to ship out for their new network, the strongest brand in all the land had to close out their show on the channel that took a chance on them. The episode began with the most illustrious duo making their way through Viceland headquarters, recounting the start of their tenure at the network, shouting them out for “having the balls to sit them in front of a camera and telling them to do you.” Once they got to the actual studio, the episode preceded to be a trip down memory lane.

As we were run through the duo’s favorite moments on the show, from their first episode (Desus compared his facial hair to the mask from V for Vendetta), to an unearthed pilot involving a bunch of animals they had no business being around, to getting ambushed by the Bisquick Bandit on the infamous Power 105 interview, we were able to see the growth that the the strongest brand has undergone. We’ve seen them grow from two Twitter dudes to full-on television personalities with great media training. We’ve seen them go from wearing the same outfit for a whole week to a shoe and outfit catalog that I am obscenely jealous of. Their unprecedented run with their paradigm shifting late night show caused shockwaves across the industry, gaining the attention of everyone and everybody.

  You know what this is? Growth. 

You know what this is? Growth.

As their show ended, Desus and Mero made sure to surround themselves with their close friends. It made for a wildly entertaining finale, as Crissle, Charlamagne tha God, Vashtie, and Pio, the ambassador to the Dominican Republic, were packed onto the side couch to help celebrate the momentous occasion. They made the show even better, providing commentary and natural laughter to create a family-like atmosphere. Pio actually provided one of the best moments in the show’s history, when he rounded out the A-block with the old Bronx proverb, “F*** DJ Envy.”

With the Showtime program set for a 2019, it was understandable for this occasion to cause some misty eyes among the fans of the #1 show in late night. Desus and Mero made sure to round out the show in their own heartfelt way, using the same personalities that we’ve known and loved for 5 years. Powered by champagne, Brugal, and probably Weed, both were asked to give their own rainbow (basically words of advice/mantra/random sayings given by each guest after every interview).

For his rainbow, Desus made sure to remind us about a truth that was once shared by Spike Jonze, “Everything is Finite.” There was something beautiful about it: knowing that there is an ending, so we needed to make sure that we enjoyed it as it was happening. And we did. Every week, 4 nights a week, making the audience die of laughter on their coaches, as if Desus and Mero were right there with us.

With Mero, his rainbow was more to the point and less meta: “Pay 5 Dollars For That Showtime, Stupid.” No statement could ever ring more true. We’ve watched these guys grow for 5 years, that doesn’t stop now because they go to a new network. They are worth it, fork over that $5.

The final sendoff for Desus & Mero was TV perfection. It had the pairing continuing to be themselves, a perfect lineup of guests and friends, and a great set of memories. The only thing that could make it better was something so historically and authentically Bronx that it perfectly represents them…

Ah there we go.

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