Relax, You are Still Going to Watch the NBA Next Season

Demarcus Cousins gives a gigantic middle finger to the rest of the NBA.

Well, it is official: the Golden State Warriors are trying to ruin the NBA. After LeBron dropped his bombshell decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers for the next four years and the front office made a flurry of moves to build a supporting cast around him, the Warriors proceeded to one up them with a singular move. Basically, the Warriors saw the Lakers’ signings, said, “Oh word,” and proceeded to blow them out of the water.

Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins, a four-time All Star and two-time All NBA selection, signed a 1 year deal with the reigning champion Warriors, worth $5.3 million. His addition means that the Warriors will now have 5 All Stars on their roster, which is as many All NBA players that they have. Boogie will still be recovering from a torn left Achilles until late January or February. That probably will not be an issue though, as the Warriors will still have FOUR All-NBA stars in their starting lineup.

Resistance seems futile as the Warriors have cornered the market on talent in the NBA. In fact, if you look in the dictionary for the definition of a superteam, it just shows a picture of Steph Curry eating ribs in a white shirt at his birthday party. A lot of NBA fans lamented the Boogie move, as shown in the following tweets:

(The one below is my favorite one,)

As you can tell, some NBA fans and analysts hate the move. All over Twitter, people are complaining that the League is now unwatchable, that there is no reason to even watch the season. They believe that because they know who is probably going to win the NBA Finals, that there is no reason to even consume any of the NBA’s product. They could not be any more wrong.

First of all, if you’re only watching basketball to see who wins the championship, then you’re watching basketball for the wrong reason. The most compelling stories and action comes from the regular season. All of the pettiness, random rivalries, and random fun occurs in the regular season. Due to the freedom of the regular season and how some of the games mean very little in the grand scheme of things, players are able to show off more of their personalities, which causes for a very entertaining product.

NBA fans love to hate. In fact, all American sports fans love to hate (we’re such a hateful group of people). What better team for NBA fans to rally against and despise than the defending champions that added one of the best players in the League? The Warriors are basically the reincarnation of Michael Myers from the Halloween movies: both of them just get stronger and stronger after each movie, we hate the movie and the team, and we still keep watching them to see if someone can kill them.

On the other hand, just the sheer talent that the Warriors have acquired is astounding. They had already created one of the greatest starting lineups in history, then they added an All-NBA center. One has to marvel at the quality of basketball that will come out of the Bay Area, which now holds a team with legitimately no holes in its starting lineup, and a number of bench players that could start on the majority of NBA rosters. All eyes should be on the team to see how they gel together, and if they live up to the already astronomical expectations that have been set by everyone, themselves included.  Hypothetically, Boogie should fit right into the Warriors offense, filling into the pick-and-roll monster he became with the Pelicans, handling both aspects of the pick-and-roll. He shot just around the league average from the three-point line at 35.9%. Surrounded by Hall of Fame caliber talent on the Warriors should open up his game significantly, unleashing a different level of Boogie that we have not seen before. That, no matter who you root for, will be fun to watch.

The Warriors have effectively ended the arms race in the Western Conference. They are the most stacked team in the League. However, this does not mean that the actual product will not be entertaining. The Western Conference is still a meat grinder with so many of the teams having the ability to compete near the top of the conference. While the Warriors will most likely still sit up at the top of the conference, it will still be fun to see LeBron battle every other team in the West, to see Russell Westbrook go nuclear every week, and to see the level of petty that these grown men will reach on Twitter and in real life.

Yes, it looks like the Warriors have set out to destroy the NBA as you know it. Sure, some of you believe that the NBA is not worth watching this season. But you have to look past the presumptive ending and appreciate the League for what it is: an assortment of some of the most talented athletes in the world playing basketball at the highest level. The regular season will still be fun, don’t miss out on it because of the Warriors.

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