NC Views’ MLB Midseason Report

We’re “halfway” through the MLB season, so sit here and take Ben’s hot takes.

The “Mid-Summer Classic” as they call it has just come to an end, and the American League has taken the crown once again. Homeruns from Alex Bregman and George Springer of the Astros gave the AL the 8-6 victory in the 10th inning. Now, whether or not Segura should have gotten MVP over Bregman is a story for another day. Here is my take though, advertising it as the Mid-Summer Classic, or the “first half of the season” just does not fit this season’s format. Give or take, we are a little over 95 games into the season. If I have been keeping up with my math, that is almost 59% of the MLB regular season being already completed.

Fine with me though, I could not be happier with where the standings are at right now. My beloved Boston Red Sox, have the best record in baseball. They are atop MLB with an astounding record of 68-30. No team in MLB history has entered the All-Star break with 68 wins or more: whether fans want to give them the credit they deserve or not is up to those fans. Not being the actual half way point, I can see why people would be skeptical, but come on. Here are some facts for the fans that do not want to give the Red Sox the credit they deserve:

The Red Sox lead the league in wins (68), runs (530), hits (928), doubles (215), total bases (1579), OPS (.801), I could go on for days, and that’s just their offense.

Back to MLB as a whole though. Going into the All-Star break, I do not think there was one fan not wondering “where is Manny Machado going?” Well congratulations Dodgers fans, you just rented Machado. Giving up five prospects for short-term satisfaction is a bold move, I really do hope it pays off. You can hold this against me if somehow, someway, he ends up staying in LA for years to come, but I do not believe that there is a chance. I will say though, that the NL West just got a little more interesting. With the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks neck and neck atop the leaderboard, the last stretch of the regular season is bound to be an interesting one now with Machado bringing his talents to LA.

By my expectations, I would expect the World Series to look like an AL East vs. NL West. This all depends on how the trade deadline pans out. In my eyes, if Philly adds another strong started to the rotation, possibly a Jacob deGrom, my prediction could change a lot. I hate to say it, but with the Yankees not far behind the Red Sox, and always willing to pick up an 8-figure contract, it is a tad bit scary.

We are about 67 games away from the end of the regular season. You can always look at the mid-season rankings, standings, who’s on pace for what, what teams are expected to do this, or do that, and you can create your own expectations on what the end of the regular season will look like. What do we know? Anything can happen within a 67-game timeframe, knock on wood, but a key player could go down, a player who is hot could hit a drought, or an underdog team could snag a big name player and turn their season around.

For anyone who may have forgotten what I said at the beginning of the blog, and for any Yankees fan who may be reading this, just a reminder, THE RED SOX ARE THE BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL.

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