Young Thug Explores Different Sides of Himself on ‘Slime Language’

Young Thug brought the heat with this one.


Young Thug stands out among modern rappers, above all because of his ability to create several different sounds rolled into one Thugger. It is for this reason that his most recent project, Slime Language is in personal opinion, a hit. In the following article I will break down the many facets of Young Thug’s art and how they are represented in Slime Language.

Happy Thugger:

My personal favorite side of the ATL rapper is actually his softer, happy side, characterized by upbeat vocals over feel-good beats. Previous examples include “Killed Before” and “Mink flow” from his joint project with Future, SUPER SLIMEY, “Relationship” from Beautiful Thugger Girls, or “Webbie” off of JEFFREY. While the few people who can actually decipher what Thug says in his verses may point out that the actually lyrics content of some of thee songs can be far from positive, the overall positive vibe they create is the focus. My recommendations for fans of Happy Thugger from Slime Language are “January 1st” and “Oh Yeah (feat. HiDoraah).

Young Heartbreak:

Next up is are the groups of Thugger songs that deal with his previous and often emotionally damaging relationships and other experiences. Many artists have their emotional side, and some have only an emotional side (cough, Drake), but these songs pack an extra punch thanks to Thug’s ability to pour out his whole heart into his crooned lyrics. For anyone who enjoyed songs like “You Said’ (BTG), “Pick Up the Phone” (JEFFREY) or  “Real Love” (SS), Slime Language’s “STS (feat. Strick)”, “U Ain’t Slime Enough (feat. Karlae and Duke), and “Chains Choking Me (feat. Gunna)” are sure to put you in your feels.

Zone 6 Thug:

As you would expect from any REAL rapper (@ Lil Pump, Tekashi 6ix9ine, etc.), Thugger has a darker side to his music where he describes the struggles of growing up in poverty, trapping, and his path to success. Past hits in this category include “Digits” and “Who”. Slime Language embraces this aspect more than previous albums, with “Audemar (feat. Tracy T)”, “Scoliosis (feat. Gunna & Duke)”, and most controversially “Gain Clout” in which he completely changes his flow, to some people’s distaste, in order to spit fast, aggressive bars.

After looking at all these different parts that make up the Thugger we love, Slime Language stands out among his discography as an album that caters to all variety of Young Thug fans. A huge part of this is due to his masterful selection of featured artists who all perfectly augment the type of vibe he aims for on each song, all from relatively less well known artists (with the exception of Lil Uzi Vert and Gunna).

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