The Best Movies We Saw in 2018

Marvel dominated the year again, with other high-powered directors delivering masterpieces as well.

There’s no possible way that Ritchie and I would have seen every movie that came out this year. So, if your favorite movie isn’t on here, it’s probably because we didn’t see it. Or it wasn’t good. 

Black Panther

This movie means a lot. It served as inspiration for the movie industry to be more inclusive of different cultures in all genres of movies. The design used in the creation of Wakanda, the fictional, technologically advanced African civilization, the fashion, and the technology has enormous potential to push Afro-futurism into the spotlight in the same manner that Blade Runner brought more attention to Cyberpunk. Afro-futurism has so-far been left out of pop culture, but Black Panther’s incorporation of contemporary African-American perspective can bring something new to the forefront. Also, the soundtrack is amazing: Kendrick Lamar continues to amaze us all with his multifaceted talents. – Montese Hall

Sorry To Bother You

This movie was so weird. It was weirder than any movie that I had seen the rest of the year. The thing is, I loved every damn minute of it. I gravitated towards Lakeith Stanfield’s character Cassius Green, who would do anything to secure a life that didn’t involve him only using 20 cents to fill up his gas tank. What follows is an absurd, dark comedy masterpiece that delves into the topics of free will, living a purposeful life, and the effects a crumbling dystopian can have on its residents. Director Boots Riley perfectly created a world in which being able to code switch is not only a useful skill, but an unbeatable superpower that can lead to wild success. I can’t even begin to explain how much I loved this movie. – Matthew Ritchie

Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson has a very creative mind. He works with unconventional media to present a unique experience. After writing and directing Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), an adaptation of the Roald Dahl book, Wes Anderson creates his own screenplay in Isle of Dogs. While, the movie isn’t for everyone, the stop-motion film is funny, kid-friendly and has a captivating story. This movie has potential to generate more variety in the animation genre, being one of many attempts to place stop motion into the spotlight. I believe that this movie, like Fantastic Mr. Fox, deserved more attention from viewers interested in a light-hearted movie going experience. – MH


When I first saw the poster this movie, I had the lowest expectations possible. I thought Spike Lee was going to muff this up and we were going to get a farce of a movie. What we actually got was one of Lee’s best works ever. Lee crafted one of the most biting commentaries on the racial atmosphere of not only the 1970s Ku Klux Klan, but of the recent events of Charlottesville and other outbursts of white supremacy. It was the slap in the face that many white American audiences needed, even if the dramatization wasn’t 100% accurate. The performance put on by John David Washington as Ron Stallworth should be lauded, as he convincingly toed the line between cop trying to do his job and a Black man experiencing discrimination and racism every day. – MR 

Avengers: Infinity War

It’s probably not a surprise that Infinity War is on my list. The movie is amazing for many reasons. It’s a great team-up movie, superhero movie, action movie, and Marvel movie. The Marvel Cinematic Universe rewards the viewers for their attention to detail spanning across 20 and counting movies. Watching the Marvel movies in order and having the overall, multi-movie plot climax in Infinity War is extremely investing and dramatic. Avengers: Infinity War will likely go down in history is the most important pop culture movie of this entire decade. The recently announced Avengers: Endgame will likely also be on everyone’s top list as well. – MH

Crazy Rich Asians

I felt as though this had to be included in the list, but I’m going to admit this: I didn’t technically watch the movie. On the 17 hour flight to Sydney, Australia, I watched most of the movie on someone else’s screen 2 rows ahead. I just know that I enjoyed every part of the romantic comedy that I was able to watch. I even teared up a little at the end, which rarely ever happens. – MR

American Animals

American Animals is another sleeper hit. It is a heist movie, with a unique and fresh twist. The movie is almost a documentary, with real interviews from the real teenage criminals that attempted the daring heist. The dramatization seemingly does the true crime justice. The movie immediately draws the viewer in, and makes a point of the title. The movie demonstrates the animalistic behaviors of humans at the edge of society. It is deeper than simply watching the movie. The viewer feels and empathizes with the characters in a way that most movies aren’t able to pull off. American Animals is definitely worth watching and experiencing if you appreciate thought provoking thrillers. – MH

The Incredibles 2

The first movie is my favorite Pixar movie ever, and the sequel is among the top five. Movie sequels are usually shameless cash grabs but The Incredibles 2 feels like more than that. The story progressed naturally, and the movie had some meaning behind it. I enjoyed watching this movie, listening to the music and experiencing one of the strongest throwback feelings of my lifetime. Hopefully, The Incredibles 2 will show Hollywood how to make a proper sequel. – MH


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