Switch Hits: ‘Guacamelee!’

What is ‘Switch Hits?’ The Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles out right now. The portable aspect of it makes it so the games offered on it can vary from Triple A to Indie. This makes it so that the online storefront for the Switch resembles an app store. A bunch of games in a list and little to no organization. The Nintendo E-shop is very hard to decipher from the never-ending list to not having any type sorting besides the search engine.

‘Switch Hits’ is your ongoing guide for the well-known games and the hidden gems. Now, these are not Switch exclusive games. These are just good games on the console. They could be new, old, exclusive, single player or multiplayer. In addition to that, I am not a person that can always get every game when it comes out and I’m searching for deals constantly, so this series will try to focus on games that are affordable as well. Plus those weekly E-shop deals be smackin‘.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is a 2-D action game made by Drinkbox Studios. The game focuses on an agave farmer Juan and the events that take place on Dia de los Muertos that force him to fight for the love of his life.

The game represents Juan as a simple protagonist who makes it easy for you to love and play as.

This game is oozing with style and character from the moment you load it up. The vibrant art style and lovely music fully immerses you into the world. The game has Juan going to various lively locations that all are diverse in their own way. The other characters in the world are well defined, from Juan’s teacher that turns into a goat, to the villain who is forever set on fire and drinks alcohol to cope with his reality.

The gameplay in the game at face value seems very simple but has depth that can make you feel accomplished when doing a combo. A single attack and grab button can seem barebones, but the experience that you as a player can gain with this moves is very important. With the amount of moves you get in the game, by the end of it all, you’ll be doing things that will make the early moves seem unreal.

My experience with the game was a very enjoyable one because it is a very lite game. It is polished enough to play while having your Switch docked to the TV, but also easy to pick up and play while in handheld mode. The game’s appreciation of the culture it is representing is nice as well. As a whole, the player is given a unique story with great writing so that it does not feel like you are just going from one fight to the other. There are platforming sections as well that add a mix of challenge as well to keep you on your toes.

The game takes advantage of its theme to create some beautiful level sets.

Guacamelee is well worth the look if you are looking for a quality game on Switch. It’s also good to know it has drop in-and-out co-op mode with up to four people so you can play with friends as well. Additionally, since it’s the Super Turbo Championship edition, it has all the DLC for the game as well, which makes it very much worth it. This game goes on sale nearly every time the E-shop has a sale, so if $15 (its regular price) is a bit too much wait for a sale and snag it then.

If you have any suggestions on games you’d like me to play or talk about for Switch Hits please lemme know @brogawd_.

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