Switch Hits: ‘Lethal League Blaze’

What is ‘Switch Hits?’ The Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles out right now. The portable aspect of it makes it so the games offered on it can vary from Triple A to Indie. This makes it so that the online storefront for the Switch resembles an app store. A bunch of games in a list and little to no organization. The Nintendo E-shop is very hard to decipher from the never-ending list to not having any type sorting besides the search engine.

‘Switch Hits’ is your ongoing guide for the well-known games and the hidden gems. Now, these are not Switch exclusive games. These are just good games on the console. They could be new, old, exclusive, single player or multiplayer. In addition to that, I am not a person that can always get every game when it comes out and I’m searching for deals constantly, so this series will try to focus on games that are affordable as well. Plus those weekly E-shop deals be smackin‘.

Baseball fighting game meets Jet Set radio. Lethal League Blaze is actually a sequel. The OG Lethal League started as a flash game and was so well received that it got further developed into the project that ultimately became what we have now, Lethal League Blaze.

The game at a glance is a very simple pick up and play. You pick from a very diverse cast and the objective is to hit the baseball back at your opponent without it hitting you. However, the ball with each hit goes faster and if the round lasts long enough the ball is moving at such a speed you can’t even see it. Now, add that with a shell shaded art style that pops with color on every stage and you have sports arcade game experience that’s addicting.

I first played Lethal League as a flash game and the thing that has stayed consistent with the game is its constant back-and-forth fun. The characters are a diverse cast that have their own bats and special moves. From the regular baseball man Raptor (who’s default colors are Toronto Raptor colors) to the skateboarding robot named Switch.

Raptor comes with some pretty interesting design features, including Old Navy cargo shorts and stitches going up and down his appendages.

The game goes up to four players with online and offline play. It also has different game modes: from the default exhibition game mode to an enjoyable entire story mode as well. The balance of modes makes the purchase for it great for group settings or just a chill game to past the time by yourself. On the Nintendo E-shop, the game starts at 20 dollars. I wouldn’t send you off by saying its worth the 20 dollars. Often times, the game does go on sale, which provides the opportunity to save on this quality game. On top of the cheap price, you are helping the indie developer Team Reptile as well. They also bring free updates to the game as well so there’s always a chance for new free content as well.

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