Switch Hits: ‘Way of the Passive Fist’

What is ‘Switch Hits?’ The Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles out right now. The portable aspect of it makes it so the games offered on it can vary from Triple A to Indie. This makes it so that the online storefront for the Switch resembles an app store. A bunch of games in a list and little to no organization. The Nintendo E-shop is very hard to decipher from the never-ending list to not having any type sorting besides the search engine.

‘Switch Hits’ is your ongoing guide for the well-known games and the hidden gems. Now, these are not Switch exclusive games. These are just good games on the console. They could be new, old, exclusive, single player or multiplayer. In addition to that, I am not a person that can always get every game when it comes out and I’m searching for deals constantly, so this series will try to focus on games that are affordable as well. Plus those weekly E-shop deals be smackin‘.

Way of the Passive Fist is not your typical, run-of-the-mill 2D beat-em up. Made by Household Games, the game tells on itself with the title. The main gameplay mechanics are not simply punching and kicking, but well-timed parries. This at first glance is very off putting but once you get into the literal rhythm of the game, you start to see it for what it is. A good way to way to internalize what the game is saying it’s a “rhythmical” beat-em up. Timing is the most important aspect of every battle throughout the game. Every enemy that you encounter has their own timings for parries and dodges.

Now, even though the game employs the art of the “Passive Fist,” that doesn’t mean there isn’t offensive gameplay mechanics. Combats inverted so you are building towards your offensive arsenal in a way that is satisfying to land. The best way I can describe the gameplay is when you’re watching Dragon Ball Z and one character is trying to hit the more powerful character but they just can’t lay a finger on them.

The game’s art style is distinct and when I personally look at it, it reminds me of Mad Max Fury Road. From the main character “The Wanderer,” grunt enemies, and the bosses, the game is very visually appealing. The bright colors and distinct lines make the game a pleasure to play in either handheld mode or on your TV.

This particular game also has a very interesting difficulty system. You can set the enemy strength, encounters, combo mastery (parry timing) and resourcefulness. You adjust these on sliders that change the difficulty name and how you play the game. This not only helps the game help you play at your own pace, but increases the replay value for the game as whole. Passive Fist is not an easy game either, so thinking it’s a cakewalk will have you humbled very quickly.

Way of the Passive Fist at normal price is 15 dollars. That price isn’t terrible because Household
Games is a small developer, so you’ll actually supporting them. However, with the game clocking
at around 5-6 hours waiting out an E-shop for a sale is super reasonable. I believe I got it around
10 dollars or less. If you’re like me and check the E-shop sale list weekly, it’ll pop up there for
sure. The game is perfect for multiple situations: passing the time or sitting down and focusing on it at home.

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