Jean Deaux’s ‘Watch This’

Jean Deaux (pronounced John Doe) is an artist from Chicago, IL. Some may know her from hot streak of features from Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia Demo or Mick Jenkins The Water(s). However, Jean’s solo work is something well worth a listen. She melds melodies with her amazing wordplay to create some of the most creative and distinctive music.

Her latest offering Watch This! is cohesive in every way. Jean’s raps flow in a way that makes it sound like she talkin’ shit right to your face but smooth enough to make you want to listen to every word. Songs like “Valid!” and “Moody!” shine in this respect because you finish listening to the songs like “yeah, she right.”

Whenever I hear Jean Deaux rap, all I can think is “shorty snapped.” Every time. Never fails. Watch This! is a flex of her sultry way with words. I guess it’s fitting that each track is named with an exclamation point. On the outstanding opening track “Bomb Bae!” she displays a couple lines of clever wordplay:

“If they go crazy, then I’ma Goku

Bitch glowed up? like Go ku”

On top of that, the production fits her personality extremely well. The production is filled with amazing Chicago talents like Ambi Lyrics, prodxvzn and Daedaepiviot. This production is perfectly tailored for Jean on every song especially since she loves to use her voice in many ways. The project as a whole is a perfect encapsulation of the talent that she posses in both singing and rapping.

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